Pool Equipment Installation and Repair

★  Pumps
★  Filters
★  Automation Experts
★  Timers
★  Heaters
★  Plumbing

Leak Detection
★ We find the leak or you don’t pay anything!

Residential & Commercial Pool Cleaning
★Tile cleaning
★Surface netting
★Wall brushing
★Filter cleaning/backwashing
★Skimmer and pump basket cleaning
★O-ring replacement and lubrication

Residential & Commercial Chemical Care
★Checking of all chemical levels
★Administration of appropriate chemicals

Pool Deck Painting/Repair
★Pressure cleaning of pool deck and sidewalk
★Paint pool deck with 100% acrylic non slip deck paint

Pool Inspections
★Detailed pool inspections for home buyers 


Remodel - New Finish - New Tile - New Deck

Riptide Pool Services

Upgrade Pool Equipment - Automation - Pumps - Filters - Salt Systems - Heater